Living Folklore has a long and diverse history of events

Living Folklore has a long and diverse history of events, a few are listed below:

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, CO.

SONO Arts Celebration, Norwalk, CT.

High Sierra Music Festival, CA.

Faerieworlds Festival, Oregon, Philadelphia, California, Arizona

Flagstaff Hullabaloo

Telluride Blues and Brews

Phoenix Downtown Mardi Gras

Tucson Procession of Little Angels

Tucson All Souls Parade

Carbondale Mountain Arts Fair, CO.

Lake Eden Arts festival, North Carolina

Wavy Gravy’s Camp Winnarainbow, CA.

Every Picture Tells a Story Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

Belonging to Mother Earth: Indigenous Wisdom Conference, Virginia

The Berkshire Mountain Music Festival, New Hampshire

Nogales High School, Los Angeles

North American Alliance for Popular Education National Conference

Coatsville Cultural Society, Philadelphia, PA.

Arizona State University English Dept. Tucson

Mesa Summer Arts Spotlight, AZ.

Music Business Institutes’ Roots Music Gathering, New Orleans, LA.

Heartmath Institute, CA.

Gesundheit! Institute, WV.

Lopez Island Community Center, WA.

White Buffalo Day Celebration, New Orleans, LA.

Sacred Earth, Sacred Self Conference, AZ.

All Species Project, Santa Fe, NM.

Sedona Eco-Fest, AZ.

No Man’s Land Festival, Breckenridge, CO.

Natural Choices Health Expo, AZ.

“Now you guys make some amazing bead patches” -Dr. John, New Orleans Pianist

“What you are doing is so important… I was tickled by your performance!” -Patch Adams, M.D., Gesundheit! Institute

“Your dedication to this gathering, and your contributions of effort and time made for the outstanding success that was achieved.” -Richard Schneider, Ph.D. Institute of Global Education

“My daughter loves your video!” -Betsy Chasse, Director/Producer, “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

“I’m really honored you chose our school and that the project is such a success. Now these kids will have something to show their kids.” -Ed O’Malley, Mile High Middle School Counselor

“They made my mother laugh on her birthday…” Dr. Arvol Lookinghorse, Lakota Chief, Carrier of The Sacred White Buffalo Pipe

“I’m really excited about what these kids, Elizabeth, everybody in the community has done. Speaking for the city, we can’t ask for any better than this.” -John Steward, Prescott City Council

“In more than 30 years of teaching, I have rarely come across a collection of individuals so dedicated to their work and so enthralled at the possibility of what humans can collectively accomplish. I support the efforts of this troupe and their dedication to the promotion of excellence in working with children.” -Thomas Anderson, Ph.D. Tucson Unified Schools

“The Living Folklore Medicine Show is a hard working, self-motivated, creative group of persons that would be an asset to any community that invites them to participate.” -Robin Nagore, Director, Armory Park Senior Center

Living Folklore has also been honored with City Proclamations:

“Tucson, America’s First Living Folklore City is an example to the world that people can come together from many backgrounds to celebrate unity, equality, and diversity by creating living stories of healing in their community now for the sake of future generations.” -Mayor George Miller, City of Tucson Proclamation, 1997

“Whereas, the City of Boulder is dedicated to the healthy celebration of it’s heritage and to exemplifying the value of living in peace and balance with nature for the sake of future generations, NOW THEREFORE, I, LESLIE L. DURGIN, Mayor of the City of Boulder, do hereby designate Boulder as: A LIVING FOLKLORE CITY” -City of Boulder Proclamation, 1997

“Be It Known That In Thankfulness Of Your Contribution To Our City, Marc H. Morial, Mayor Of New Orleans, Has Conferred This Certificate Of Appreciation” -City Of New Orleans Proclamation, 1998

“On this, THE FIFTH ANNUAL WHITE BUFFALO DAY, August 27, 1999, that this council recognizes the work of Jacob Devaney and The Living Folklore and joins people around the world honoring THE SACRED DRUM AT CONGO SQUARE” -The Council of The City of New Orleans Proclamation, 1999

“WHEREAS, this event is exemplary of the kind of community participation, collaboration and cooperation that makes Prescott Everybody’s Hometown.” -Sam Steiger, Mayor, City of Prescott Proclamation, 2000