Event Services

We provide services for festivals and corporate events, children and adults.
Giant visual spectacle! Great for parades, festivals, events, these puppets are light-weight and anyone can get in them and carry them around. Some people love the feeling of freedom while being anonymous inside the puppet, and having everyone take your picture makes you feel like a star! These puppets are at home strolling through a large crowd, in a parade, or onstage with a musical act.

Above: Queen Bridget of The Faeries  

IMG_5095Above: The Ladybug Faerie 

Above: The Hill-Billy

Corporate Events, Art Galleries, Grand Openings, and Music Festivals, all love stilt walkers! We have clown and non-clown stilt walkers all with beautiful hand made costumes for any occasion.


Living Folklore brings a parade in a suitcase. Giant Puppets, umbrellas, flags and stilt walkers. This is where all of our event services explode into a colorful celebration that makes for a high point at any festival that is guaranteed to end up in many family photo albums.

Our Giant Puppet Parades come with a story, celebrating a folk hero or a theme. Past themes have included The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Music Unites us Across Cultures (featuring a native flute playing “Kokopelli” puppet; a Hill-Billy; Neptune of The Sea playing a saxophone; Robert Johnson, blues hero, on guitar), Faerie Queen Parade and much more. Enjoy some photos below. We also offer the option of creating a custom parade theme for your event, and we often take suggestions from festival promoters to make sure we fit with the theme of their event.

Living Folklore Summer Festival Tour has included puppet-master, Dennis “The Red” Eustace for the past 3 years. There is a universal appeal to puppets with kids, and these puppets always encourage interaction. The characters beckon you to love them, hate them, dream with them and always laugh at them.

Kids have especially loved shows where the live clowns interact and antagonize the puppets. Gumbo Wobbly (a clown) is known to give out marshmallows to kids so they can bombard Mr Curmudgeon when he sings too loud with his most obnoxious voice. The puppets and clowns together make for a magical, silly and interactive show. The Giant Puppet Parades add an even larger-than-life dimension to the program.

We are very happy to have “What Happened to The Reptiles” show, which is adapted from awarded Indian Author, Zai Whitacker. These puppets are featured in a kids travel film/video called Teddy The Traveler. The show teaches kids about the interconnections in nature, and respecting each others differences, all kids need to make sure to bring their PNW backpack with all their belongings .

In addition, we have The Great King Beeblebooble & Berkana form the Giggle Bubble Dreams Book. Beeblebooble loves culture and nature, and has an endless curiosity about humans on earth. Berkana loves to dream, and can sit for hours having conversations with kids about believing in dreams and believing in yourself.