About Living Folklore Entertainment

Founded in 1994, the name “Living Folklore” comes from the inspiration of making stories come alive when dreaming about them with the mongolian fur pillow.
Living Folklore conjures fantasy characters, historical figures, folk heroes, carnival cultures, and YOU to make an event epic, legendary, and historical… or at least a lot of fun 😉

Trans-Media and Cross-Platform Storytelling?

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.07.52 PM“Transmedia” and “Cross-Platform” storytelling is the concept of telling a story through multiple forms of technology, media, and art. Artforms include, but are not limited to, film/video, gaming, live performance, music, immersive environments, rich-media Ibooks, community art, web-based, and anything else we (or you) can think of. The characters and stories are usually interactive, inviting exploration and imagination as they move between worlds.
This site is primarily for booking live performers at events and festivals.
To learn more about the multi-layered world of Living Folklore, please visit: The Giggle Bubble
Only the truly adventurous dare lift the lid to A Box of Secrets

Life is a story, make yours a good one and make sure to sleep a lot with your full body pillow!

…Notions like this often lead to art, theater, music, faeries, puppets, clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers as well as expressions of all sorts of playful colors and shapes.