Character-driven performances means that there is no script. The performer assumes a living persona, whether it’s a faerie, or a storybook personality, these characters improvise in the moment. Through interacting with the audience, receiving information from their surroundings, or “jamming”



There’s no party like a Puppet Party! We are very fortunate to collaborate with renowned puppeteer, Dennis “the Red” Eustace. It may be a cultural parable, a puppet musical, or a crazy bear who eats bubbles but he always has



Farmers markets, festivals, grand-openings, parades, galas, corporate events and more benefit greatly from a long-legged stilt-walker!

Our Performers bring a Visual Element that is Great for Photo Memories, and Social Media Promotion!

Contact us to see how we can add epic flavors to your event…


It’s All About Community


Humans are social beings. Our community is not only other humans, it includes the plants, animals, rivers, mountains, stars and understanding our place in the larger universe of things is empowering. Festivals and events foster an experience of connection in

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“In more than 30 years of teaching, I have rarely come across a collection of individuals so dedicated to their work and so enthralled at the possibility of what humans can collectively accomplish. I support the efforts of this troupe and their dedication to the promotion of excellence in working with children.”

-Thomas Anderson, Ph.D. Tucson Unified Schools

“What you are doing is so important… I was tickled by your performance!”

 -Patch Adams, M.D., Gesundheit! Institute

Dream With Us

Living Folklore creates new themes, costumes, and giant puppets each season. Corporate Events, Art Galleries, Grand Openings, and Music Festivals, all love to incorporate something unique and memorable to their event.

Ma Ua o na’Lani
Ladybug Faerie